Is Your Business ADA Compliant?

To ensure that your business is ADA complaint, every business owner should take the necessary steps to make their facility accessible to people with disabilities. Although some businesses are exempt from ADA regulations, most business owners want their business to accommodate these people and make additions and adjustments to ensure that the facility does. A few of the steps that you can take to ensure an ADA compliant business includes:

·    Install a handicap bathroom contra costa ca. These restrooms include a handicap stall as well as hand rails that make it easier to get up and down from the toilet in the bathroom.

handicap bathroom contra costa ca

·    Ensure that you have a wheelchair accessible entrance and exit into the building as well as handrails on the side.

·    Doors should require 5 lbs. or less of pressure to open. Doors that require more than 5 lbs. of pressure do not follow the ADA guidelines for compliance.

·    All tables should be at least 27″ to accommodate wheelchairs and other medical devices.

·    Your website should also comply with the guidelines set forth under the ADA guidelines so every individual has the opportunity to access the information.

·    Signs should be written in Braille as well as regular language.

·    The business should use or have access to a TDD telephone line in their facility at all times.

·    Ensure that objects do not protrude more than four-inches into the walkway.

An ADA compliant business is one that customers will frequent more often than a facility that lacks the proper setup to follow compliance. It is beneficial to ensure that your business is compliant.  Use the tips above to ensure that your business is ADA complaint at all times. Professionals are available to help you with the process should you wish to hire expert help to transition your business.