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  • 5 Facts About Acne

    Acne is the most common skin care condition in the U.S., affecting thousands of guys and gals every single year. Although it’s known as the teenage disease, it sometimes affects adults as well. Mild, moderate, and severe forms of acne cause pimples, whiteheads, and other noticeable pus-filled blemishes to appear on the skin, in oil areas of the body. Here are five more important acne facts that you need if you’re one of the people battling this condition.

    1.    Wash your face twice daily with a mild soap or acne wash designed for your skin type. Wash before you go to bed and when you wake up in the mornings. Don’t scrub the face hard, that won’t help. Keep your hands off of your face as well, since you only transfer dirt and bacterial when you touch the face. It is hard not to pick at pimples but it is best that you leave them alone.

    dermatologist clearwater fl

    2.    You may need to go to a doctor for acne treatment. If the acne treatments that you use don’t show improvement to the skin within six-weeks, schedule an appointment with the dermatologist clearwater fl. You should also schedule an appointment with the doctor if you have cystic acne or severe acne. Makeup may also clog pores and contribute to acne breakouts.

    3.    The foods that you eat may cause more breakouts and cause the pores to clog more often. Avoid sweets and greasy foods, colas, etc.

    4.    Stress is a leading contributor to adult acne.

    5.    It can take up to eight weeks for an acne treatment to work and relieve pimples. You must use the products as indicated on the package. Don’t overuse them. This won’t improve the time that it takes to improve the acne and may cause it to worsen.

    If you have acne, use the information above to your advantage.

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